The Company was founded in the year 2009 by utilizing the latest Iralian Technology in the production of cement adhesives, which is used for ceramics, tiles, montar, and colored ready mix, waterproof plasters.

Jordan today like other countries in the region made progress in the real estate sector and housing. The growing piece because of the increasing demand for the last and cheapest and high material. For many reason,

Mukhtar Mall is one–stop family shopping destination offering an extensive range of brands

The Company produces calcium carbonate CaCo3 starting from mining stage to final treatment and coating the mining area is around 1,000,000m2 and is considered the best in purity & Quality worldwide with 95% whiteness. is an online Appointment Reservation system Scope of this application is that patient can browse and reserve a doctors appointment, Doctors availability calendar can show one or more weeks .

was established in Lebanon at 2002 under ORO brand with a primary aim to serve internationally recognized institutions based in the gulf region.